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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Worlds is Upon Us

Well,The World Championships are upon us.Sorry for my lack of blogging,we've been really ill for 2 weeks.

Here are some helpful links to help those of us who don't have access to a broadcast of the event up to date on who's placing where.

The official page for Worlds

The schedule

And the Results page

Best of luck to all the athletes...and safe travels to the athletes and fan...have fun!

That's about all I have to say at this point...sleep deprivation is taking it's

Friday, April 8, 2011

Callin it quits

 No,I'm not giving up on blogging before I've begun. I am referring to the skaters who are retiring or breaking up partnerships or changing coaches...when logging onto FSU today it was amazing to see how many transitions are taking place.

The Kerrs are retiring from competitive skating...

Gotta love a Scottish man in a kilt :)
John Kerr in a kilt

I will not go into the whole Scottish vs British argument as my maiden name  starts with a Mc and has an official different spelling in Gaelic. ;) So,I'm a wee bit opinionated on that topic.

Dube and Davison are splitting....

Shawn Sawyer is retiring from competitive skating....

Adam Rippon is changing coaches....

So many changes,it's like a soap opera "Like sands through the hourglass,so are the days of our lives..."...I'm having flash backs to my grandma sitting in her chair everyday watching her "stories".

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First Post-explanations,opinions,goals,etc...

Hello,readers.Whomever you might be.Ok,first off. The name of my blog,it is pulled from an interview Alexei Yagudin gave in 2002 where he stated that "Ice is Slippery",aside from being a true "Thank you Captain Obvious" moment,it was actually profound if you think about it.Hence why it is the name of my blog. Ice is Slippery.The World of the Figure Skating.Beautiful yet brutal.Fame,beauty and athletic prowess are only temporary.A wrong comment to the press and your words will be remembered for all skating time.Literally.Fall the wrong way and your competitive career and possibly your skating career as a whole can be over.Wear the wrong dress,it will be the talk of the boards all season and be given an honorable mention next skating season.It is indeed a slippery slope,fame here today,gone tomorrow.Or rather fame today,infamy tomorrow sometimes. So...that's why my blog is called "Ice is Slippery",because the world of figure skating,is indeed an uncertain surface to skate on.Welcome.

On this blog I will state my opinions of the state of affairs in the World of Figure Skating.Such as the postponing and eventual moving of Worlds from Japan to Moscow.Things of that nature.I am not here to bash anybody or claim to know more than I know. I do however understand figure skating,not only as spectator but as a sometimes skater,I skated recreational for a time and do have plans to return to skating..I also was a delegate at the 2005 Governing Council,I've read up on COP as it was then called....I took a break for nearly 2 years to tend to real life stuff(my divorce) and now I'm back to reading and watching something I am passionate about.Figure Skating.I did belong to US Figure Skating for several years.But although I am an American,I am not nationalistic and if you are reading my blog with the expectation that I will always raise American skaters up above all the other skaters in the world,you will be sorely disappointed. I do not allow,my own nationality or other people to sway what I personally like and dislike.And if you are going to nit-pick about my imperfect grammar...yet again.Sorry.I intend to write in a conversational style.If you don't like it.Don't read...

Those who will read,I hope you enjoy my writing and I do look forward to your comments.